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Participating Artists 2016

Arts - Miscellaneous

Artist Description
Christi Bulot Assemblage – After more than half a century of living and learning, and after years of working in the corporate world, Christi made the thoughtful decision to step outside of the box and explore other possible and hidden talents. Is it odd to use "thoughtful" and "outside of the box" in the same sentence to describe an artistic awakening? For Christi, there is a quirky balance between the two! With a bit of trepidation and much excitement she followed the little voice that kept softly pulling her into places new, places foreign, places beckoning. The journey through her next half century has given way to the glorious hunt to find those unique objects that can be given new life with artful arrangement and attention to mindful placement. Christi’s curiosity is constantly piqued by the world around her and she is in joyful pursuit of her Salvaged Minutia expression. www.salvagedminutia.com
Carol Chaney Paper
Jeff Denning Stained Glass - Jeff is a retired businessman who spent years building stained glass art as a passive hobby in between his work, traveling, and scuba diving. While living in Monterey during the 1990’s, Jeff met a renowned local stained glass artist who taught him how to bring his art to life, take advantage of the uniqueness of every piece of glass, and let his imagination and creativity find their way into each piece. Jeff’s love of the desert, the jungles of Central America, the sea, and the underwater world gave him an immense drawing board from which he finds his inspiration. Jeff works from his Redlands studio, Mezza Luna Studios. Check out the diversity of his work or just browse through a pictorial collage of how to transform a piece of glass into an artistic creation.
Fred Edwards Etchings/Drawings - Fred Edwards enjoys several media of art. He prefers drawing and etching, though he has also done serigraphy, photography, ceramics, and even welding. He likes a wide spectrum of subject matter: butterflies, old buildings, outdoor scenes, flowers, and human figures. He prefers to work in a small format. He is interested in light and color, and unusual views of his subjects. Fred is an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church, a California LMFT Counselor, and has served churches in Los Angeles, Ojai, San Bernardino, and Redlands for nearly four decades. He and his artist wife, Janet, have been married over 61 years, and continue to enjoy family, travel, and many creative endeavors. This is Fred and Janet’s 34th showing in "Art for Heaven’s Sake.”
Janet Edwards Etchings/ Watercolor – Janet’s work reflects her love of the natural beauty of California, as well as her respect for sites of historical importance. While working primarily in the etching medium, she is also an accomplished watercolorist, and a watercolor-like style is often reflected in her work. Many etchings include embossing as part of the design. A graduate of the University of Redlands, with a B.A. degree in Art Education allowed her to teach public school art before raising a family. A past president and program chairman of the Redlands Art Association, Janet served on that organization's art enrichment fund from its inception. Her work has been chosen by educational, cultural, and civic organizations to honor dignitaries, professors, musicians, ambassadors and politicians. Janet's display this fall at AFHS will include a watercolor sketches, and many floral, as well as prime serigraphs. Also the final prints of the popular “Palms to Peaks” and “The Mountains Tall and Grand” will be available for sale. www.janetmedwards.com/
Candy Glendening Textile Art – Candy is addicted to color! She dyes fabric so she can have just the hue & texture she wants, and then uses it to make art quilts and “everyday art”. An avid blogger, she has had many publications in Interweave Press/F & W Media quilt magazines (21 at last count). These publishing opportunities led to her filming eight different episodes of the PBS show “Quilting Arts TV”. The folks at Interweave also produced Candy illustrating her artistic process in two workshop DVDs: “Dyeing to Stitch: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Colorful Fabric Art” and “Free Motion Machine Sketching: Drawing with Thread from Birds to Botanicals”. By day, she teaches Biology at the University of Redlands in Southern California. By night and weekend she also teaches quilting and dyeing. To view more of her work, or gain insight into her process and inspiration, please visit her website: www.CandiedFabrics.com. Also check out her online dying courses at http://www.classes.candiedfabrics.com
Margaret Goodward In her second year showing at Art For Heaven’s Sake, Margaret heard a voice say, “Mom, the paper lady’s here!” She excitedly turned to see where, only to discover that she WAS the Paper Lady… Her artwork features multi-layered paper bas-reliefs, creating art fans, art puppets, art snowflakes, and winged hearts. This show presents a new series: Paper Mosaics. Some are mandala-like; others have a feeling of landscape. Cut paper ornaments and a 2016 “Garland of Quotes on Thankfulness” round out the paper treats offered this year.
Sondra Hodson Gourds/ Pine Needle Baskets - Using pine needles and gourds, Sondra enjoys creating both decorative and useful art. She creates gourd vessels using design inspirations from ancient cultures all over the world in addition to her own original designs. Her pine needle baskets range in shape from simple pots to large bowls with interesting handles. Some baskets include agate slices wrapped thread and walnut slices. In addition, she combines gourds with pine needles to create unique hybrid baskets. She finds creating art from items found in nature to be both challenging and satisfying and gladly welcomes custom commissions. www.gourdacopia.com facebook.com/gourdacopia/
Joyce Johnson Stained Glass - An art major in high school and college, Joyce had always planned on being an art teacher. However life got in the way, and raising three children took up most of her time. Because her creative juices could not be stilled she did some painting, pottery, and other crafts. In 1981, she happened upon a stained glass class offered through Parks and Recreation and this medium captured her imagination. By 1984, she was doing shows and had her stained glass work in numerous shops and galleries. In addition she has done custom windows for many people. She still loves doing shows because it gives her great satisfaction knowing that people like her pieces enough to actually buy them! This is her 29th year at AFHS...and she always looks forward to the show!
Tom McKenzie Wood - Tom McKenzie, better known in the art world as, “ The Artful Bodger, Professor of Roundocity”, is a lifelong resident of San Bernardino. Prior to becoming a Bodger, Tom was a Pharmacist at Redlands Community Hospital for 25 years. He began turning wood on a Craftsman lathe given to him by an acquaintance in 1982. His first turned items were Christmas Tree Ornaments. He soon progressed to making boxes, simple bowls and practical pieces like door stops, needle holders, and bookmarks as well as round boxes and nine different styles of pens and pencils. Tom is driven by the fact that hidden inside what appears to be an ugly piece of wood lies a beautiful piece with form and usefulness. Currently, he is making pens with new forms and woods, square boxes and inside/outside Christmas ornaments.
Valerie Martinell Gourds- Valerie grew up camping and exploring Oregon where her father gifted her with love and respect for all forms of nature. This has been continued influence for her gourd creations. With no formal art training she uses nature as her reference. Her main inspiration comes from her Native American heritage, all things “ocean”, leaves, and creatures. Never one to be content to “color between the lines” Valerie will incorporate 3D carving, wood burning, basketry, weaving, dream catchers, beading and many color mediums in her work. Each finished gourd is a record of her adventure.
Lynn Mudd Ceramics/Fiber - Born in London, England, Lynn was first exposed to pottery in high school and immediately found the cool, damp texture of clay both invigorating and calming. Many college art classes later, and after a detour into a photography career, Lynn returned her focus to clay and its endless possibilities. Working in both stoneware and porcelain, her work is comprised mainly of art pieces, and sculpture with an emphasis on texture. Pieces are both wheel-thrown and hand built, often a combination of both. She is fully involved in the process from start to finish, developing glazes and firing all of her work in her home studio. In the past few years, Lynn has expanded her work to include fiber art. Weaving is the perfect companion art to ceramics. Having always been intrigued by texture, fiber offers a new medium in which to explore and create tactile art. www.muddwoman.com
Joanne Ohnemus Wood/birdhouses –In 1992 Joann discovered the joy and fun of birdhouse painting. Edward, her husband, has talents in woodworking. They complement each other in their original designs in the creation of “Bird Abodes”. To date, they have designed, constructed and painted 9,100 “Bird Abodes”. Their work is featured at Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar, Precious Times in Redlands, at the Redlands Art Association and at the Riverside Art Museum. Joann also works in oils, acrylics, water color, mixed media and assemblage, photography, card design and jewelry. All of her art pieces are one of a kind and most themes are garden related cottage charm art.
Zen Olson Wood – Zen was born in southeastern Minnesota and raised in Washington State... He became interested In Native American Art and woodcarving at an early age and the rest came easy. After many years in the military, he began doing Native American Art Replication and has since gone to more family oriented wood art in the form of Puzzle Art, Marble and Board games for the family... he has a very large family . . . and his wishes are that he entertain your family as well as his own. He does functional art that he hopes will please the entire family for years to come...
Ellen Schouest Gourds - After focusing on the art of Batik for two decades, Ellen Schouest discovered ornamental gourds. She has now been working with this medium for nearly 20 years and believes she has found her niche with this three-dimensional art. This year you will find a variety of items inspired by objects found near, or under, the water. Several pieces, such as her ship-in-a-bottle, swan, and sea cucumber, were suggested by her daughter, Juliana. Continued thanks goes out to her daughter-in-law, Melissa, who, as a marine biologist, offers numerous recommendations as will be seen with a larger-than-life pipe fish, and the input for colors and shapes of sea life.
Christina Smithberg Art Quilts - For Christina Smithberg, Teaching art has been a richly rewarding career. After working in watercolors and decorative tole painting, her move to fabric painting was a natural progression. Art quilting combines her love of fabric with all kinds of art mediums and techniques. Christina’s inspiration comes from close-up photography of floral blossoms and natural landscapes. Using brilliant colors, she manipulates fabrics to create what she sees. Christina loves to recreate texture using hand-dyed fabrics, 3-dimensional sculpture, and machine or hand appliqué, applying dyes, paints, and embellishments. To perfect a design, she sketches it on paper, then chooses fabrics, knowing paint and surface design techniques can be added for shading, highlights, and depth. Her award-winning art has been exhibited at the Visions Art Museum, San Diego 2015; City of Temecula 2015; Redlands Art Gallery 2016; Diablo Valley Quilt Show 2015; and The Diamond Valley Arts Gallery 2016; Quiltfest Oasis, Palm Springs 2016.
David Tate Blown Glass - Like many glass artists, David Tate began studying ceramics during high school and Junior college. He completed a bachelor of art degree in 1988, and continued at Cal State Fullerton to graduate with a master’s degree, in 1991. Born in San Jose, California, 1960, David has resided in California all his life. Located behind the ceramics lab at CSUF is the glass-forming lab. David was fascinated with what the students were making and he wanted to try it. He signed up for the class and has been captivated by “it” since then. David comments on that experience, “The college years were a wonderful time of exploring and experimentation. It allowed me the opportunity to spend a large amount of my time and energy learning about glass and I matured significantly”. David currently lives south of Riverside in Romoland, CA where he also operates his glass studio.
Theresa Van Ornum Printmaking/Sculpted Paper - A multimedia artist for over thirty years, Theresa is currently focusing on printmaking and sculpted paper forms. She has been studying various printmaking techniques for the past sixteen years. Her love of working with paper and ink has recently expanded into her own unique sculpted paper expressions that she calls PAPERBOLI. Colorful decorative bowls, crosses, wall tiles and jewelry, often incorporating printed works from her press, Theresa's work is unlike anything you have seen before. She divides her art making time between her studios in Redlands and Albuquerque, New Mexico and runs a full time Acupuncture practice in Redlands. Theresa has been a regular exhibiting artist with Art, for Heaven's Sake for the past seventeen years.
Gun Trigere Gunn started off her artist life making jewelry. Sterling silver hand wrought one of a kind jewelry. First she bought the stones that she would incorporate into her jewelry, but later she got the urge to create her own cabochons in order to control the shape and color herself. Glass answered her desire. Now, a few years later, she has taken that idea a few steps further and created what she calls “wall jewelry”. An extension of her glass cabochons. The same but bigger. Big enough to hang on the wall or rest on a stand or easel. Gunn approaches each design as if it were a painting on canvas, overlapping colors to achieve a multitude of hues, shapes and patterns. This imbues her work with the subtlety and movement of watercolor, while retaining the richness and depth that is only possible with glass. gunntrigeresglassstudio.com
Theresa Van Ornum Printmaking/Sculpted Paper - A multimedia artist for over thirty years, Theresa is currently focusing on printmaking and sculpted paper forms. She has been studying various printmaking techniques for the past sixteen years. Her love of working with paper and ink has recently expanded into her own unique sculpted paper expressions that she calls PAPERBOLI. Colorful decorative bowls, crosses, wall tiles and jewelry, often incorporating printed works from her press, Theresa's work is unlike anything you have seen before. She divides her art making time between her studios in Redlands and Albuquerque, New Mexico and runs a full time Acupuncture practice in Redlands. Theresa has been a regular exhibiting artist with Art, for Heaven's Sake for the past nineteen years.
Ramon Valesquez Metal/Wrought Iron - Born in Nogales, Arizona Ramon was raised in Mexico. He grew up around arts and crafts as his father owned six art galleries in Nogales. After owning his own gallery for a time, Ramon traveled to his home State of Jalisco in search of new ideas. Fascination with the beautiful metal works of art being made there led him to take classes in metalworking which helped him realize how much he enjoyed creating his very own unique pieces. He sold his store in 2002, and with the help of his wife Rosa, started creating and hand-made wrought iron furniture with tile and colorful metal wall art at their home, in Rio Rico, Arizona. Now it's a family business. His wife Rosa and their children learned the trade and help him with ideas to create his art and assist him at art and craft festivals throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.
Dominique Vialar Art Couture Fabric Design - Dominique started as a commercial art director in Casablanca where she ran out of clothes. She then went to the fabric district in the Medina and the rest is history. Today, Dominique is a designer at Dominique Vialar for Art Couture. Couture literally means "sewing," but has come to indicate the business of designing, creating, and selling custom-made, high fashion women's clothes. Since the beautiful one-of-a-kind designs created by Dominique truly are works of art in their own right, the name Art Couture is a fitting one.
Vlad Voytilla Wood - The work of Vlad Voytilla specializes and blends art with function -- fine wooden keepsake boxes for a variety of uses such as jewelry, silverware, or to contain a special gift for that notable occasion. He also creates furniture, cabinets, wine cellars, and wooden jewelry. All of his designs are original utilizing the natural beauty, color and grain contrast of the woods to enhance the contemporary and organic inspired forms of each piece. Frequently, his work incorporates metal, stone, metal leaf, glass and re-claimed wood. His work is well known for its unique design, radical woodworking techniques, accuracy, exacting detail, and, at times, whimsy. In addition to a select number of art shows each year, Mr. Voytilla displays his work regularly at the galleries of the Redlands Art Association, Mountain Arts Network located at Lake Arrowhead, and at the Riverside Art Museum, all in California. Custom commissions are gladly welcomed.
Ken Weaver Bird houses/Yard Ornaments – Its 3:00 in the morning, he is wide awake, and a new idea has just come to him. He has completely built it in his head. He reaches for a pencil and paper to make a note then goes back to sleep. In the late 60’s while attending the Laguna Sawdust Art Festival, Ken saw a man doing metal sculpture using a torch. He has been doing metal sculpture ever since. When his son was born, Ken needed to find a new media that his son could participate in, so he started building birdhouses. Ninety percent of his materials are recycled. He often sees a finished project in something discarded on the side of the road. As a Southern California Native, he is likely one of the few who get excited about the Santa Ana winds. However, he knows the opportunity for new distressed wood has just become available. Ken’s newer work combines both metal sculpture and birdhouses.
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Artist Description
Lawrence Beall Jewelry - Lawrence, a native of Redlands, owns his own fashion and accessories brand: Laurent Belle. He is a graduating senior at Claremont McKenna College with a Bachelor of the Arts degree and is the headline artist for the Riverside Art Museum’s 50th Anniversary Celebration featuring his installation: Temple of Neptune. Lawrence’s work stretches the imagination for what is possible. With inspiration from the Japanese art of origami, he invented a process that weaves fiberglass and paper together, to create a gem-like form from origami that protects it from being damaged and enhances its beauty. Lawrence also writes musical scores, invents new art materials and writes computer programs for his company. He states, "Everything in this world is connected. I rely on knowledge of chemistry, for example, to achieve the perfect forms, colors, and materials for my art. If something I need doesn't exist yet, it is up to me to invent it. There can be no compromise.” https://laurentbelle.com/
Andrea Beechko Jewelry - Andrea is a native southern Californian and local, Redlands artist with a life-long love of hand-crafted work and attention to detail. Her passion and attention to detail can be seen in all of her designs, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, but especially in her wire-wrapped Tree of Life pendants. Her trees incorporate semi-precious and non-precious stones, freshwater pearls, beautiful colors, and the sparkle of Swarovski Crystal. Handcrafted wire wrapping using Argentium Sterling Silver, gold-filled, and fine plated wire gives an elegant and unique look to each tree. A natural stone or shell moon rising through the leaves adds a whimsical and earthly element. Andrea also enjoys working with clients to design custom trees and other jewelry, incorporating favorite colors or “family” birthstones. Andrea is a Member and artist of the Redlands Art Association and uses the name 4 A Bee Designs for her jewelry business.
Beth Bobbitt Jewelry - A life threatening illness in her 30’s left Beth with some lasting physical challenges. She had to find new ways to relate to the world around her. It was sudden and unexpected. She was required to walk through the fire of transformation. A pivotal point of healing was a trip to the beach with her family. For the first time since her illness she was able walk the beach with her children. They walked, slowly, and collected sea glass. It was so simple and so monumental. She wanted to create something special with the glass they collected. She found the courage to attend a smithing class, where she says, “It gave light to a part of me I never knew existed.” Like her designs, she has more character, depth, and color because of her transformational experiences. To see more of Beth's work, visit her website at bethbobbittdesigns.com
Abby Cameron Jewelry/Glass/fabric - Art and creativity has been Abby’s lifelong passion. Painting, drawing, fusing glass, silk painting, making jewelry or decorating a house all give her pleasure which she enjoys sharing with others. She never met a medium she didn’t like. Abby studied art at the University of Miami and has attended classes and workshops with noted artists. Her one woman show in Oldsmar, Florida, was one of many shows she has enjoyed participating in from Sarasota, to Tarpon Springs, Belleair and Pasco, all in Florida. In Southern California she has been in exhibits in Redlands and Rancho Cucamonga. Abby’s approach to art varies, but her individual style is recognizable whatever the medium she may use. Paintings, murals, glass works and jewelry by Abby Cameron are in collections all over the country as she has lived on the east coast. Now her family is enjoying the California lifestyle. artbyabby.com
Dorothy Campbell Silver Jewelry – Dorothea grew up on a tea plantation in northern India after which she returned to Scotland to continue her education. She attended the Edinburgh College of Fine Arts where she won the prestigious Student’s Award in sculpture and discovered the joy of working with precious metals. She then attended Hornsey College of Arts in London where she studied under the renowned Artist-Jeweler Gerda Flockinger. After graduating, she was inscribed into the Royal Society of Industrial Artists and Designers. Dorothea’s jewelry has been widely exhibited in the most prestigious galleries throughout the United States. Her work embraces both the sculptured simplicity of Scandinavia and the raw power of the Mapuche and Inca jewelry of South America.
Gayle DuRivage Jewelry - Gayle DuRivage is a Southern California artist who loves vivid color and expresses that love through a variety of disciplines and mediums. She’s worked in acrylics, stained glass, ceramics, sculpture, graphic design, illustration and as a professional muralist. At present, Gayle’s passion has been the creation of fused glass art. This is the process of designing a composition with layers of art glass, then firing the project in a kiln at temperatures up to 1500 degrees to fuse the glass together. Gayle loves the phenomena of light, pure saturated color, transparency and depth achievable in glass work. She developed an exclusive technique that incorporates her original paintings in her glass designs. Through this process she creates jewelry that is one-of-a-kind art. Gayle has found glass to be an extraordinary medium that allows her to combine painting, artistic expression and love of color, resulting in the creation of distinctive fused glass treasures. facebook.com/ShadowDanceGlass
Susi Jacobsen Scrimshaw - Susi Jacobsen is a third generation Californian (her grandson makes five generations born here!) but is the first to do scrimshaw. Susi has been scrimming for almost forty years starting with a small jewelry booth at local fairs with a friend, a silversmith. This endeavor was abandoned when they both went to college, Susi to major in Art at CSUSB. All the ivory used is mammoth or fossil walrus and is 10,000 - 60,000 years old. In no way should this ivory be confused with any illegal or inhumanely harvested ivory. Susi is a strong believer that the only ones who need living ivory are the animals to whom it belongs.
Adele Johnson Jewelry –Adele has worked as a jewelry artist for over 10 years; her pieces are made from precious metals, pearls, and gemstones. Adele’s work is influenced by extensive international travel and her study of traditional and ancient art; particularly that of Rome and Greece.
e Jennifer Katz Jewelry – “Primitive silver jewelry – something you might unearth from the ruins of a lost civilization” is how E. Jennifer Katz describes her work. She creates distinctive pieces, incorporating lots of texture, patina and positive energy. A teenager of the 70s, she loved adornments and embellished her jeans and strung beaded necklaces. Her local high school in Manchester, Connecticut afforded her the opportunity to develop silversmith skills. Today, she offers her jewelry through private trunk shows on the east and west coasts.
Patty Mariano Denning Jewelry - A passion for sea shells as a young girl grew into a natural interest in rocks, gems and crystals. In 1996, Patty Mariano Denning’s youngest sister, a resident of Hawaii, opened a new world to her during a visit to a little bead shop in Lanikai: hand carved shell, Moroccan wood, African trade beads, aquamarine , ocean jasper from Madagascar, Venetian glass and handmade copper beads. All were there just waiting to be a part of a great piece of jewelry. That progression from a school girl shell collection grew in to a sunroom studio filled with raw materials where she uses the natural light to create the pieces she offers to her many satisfied buyers. Big Sister’s Jewelry is built upon repeat customers who value creativity, use of high quality materials and craftsmanship.
Sandie Petrucelli Jewelry
Sandy Schnack Jewelry - By the time Sandy was three years old she adored jewelry. Whatever the punishment her amused mother dispensed, Sandy could not be dissuaded from exploring her mother’s jewelry box. Classes in jewelry making at the Riverside Art Museum in the early eighties allowed Sandy to explore her passion in a more acceptable way. She bought a torch, a jewelry bench, and numerous tools and she began to hone her craft. Her jewelry pieces, displayed initially in the Riverside Art Museum gift shop, attracted interested customers, and her company, Brodie Hoener Designs, was born. A 40 year career in education interfered somewhat with jewelry making, but now retired, she is able to refocus her energies. Working in 14k gold and silver, Sandy fabricates her pieces using unusual colored stones, pearls, and, of course, diamonds.
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Media - Miscellaneaous

Artist Description
Dominique Blanchard Ceramics/Raku/ Mixed Media - Born in the western part of France,Dominique was surrounded by sculptors of metal and clay. After traveling for many years, he made his home in the United States. Here he began taking art classes and his passion for ceramics was born. Dominique then realized his passion for working with clay. His fascination for Mardi gras carnival masks influences his art and by using a blend of rich oxidation, reduction glaze and complicated textures combined with Raku and other low-fired techniques, he is able to create ceramic masks that reflect “luminous spiritual energy”.
Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja Printmaking/graphics - Multi-media artist Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria and began painting at an early age. A self-taught artist, Adeola credits her consistency and endurance in her ability to create joy, love, and positive outlook in her artwork. “When you take a look at my art you instantly feel the joy and happiness the colors convey.” Her work is in both private and public collections. Adeola’s work has been used in many television and movie productions. Adeola works in various mediums: as a painter, enamellist and metal smith. To follow her creative work like her page at facebook.com/AdeolaStudio
Guido Orsini Pen/Ink - Born in 1956 in Milan, Italy, Guido Emilio Orsini studied art throughout his young life in Switzerland and Italy. In 1978, he immigrated to the United States where his art had room for expression in different forms. Guido has produced a number of serious paintings that were shown at the Art Festival in Laguna Beach. He's also done set design and assembly for the Renaissance Pleasure Fair, the St. Bernardine Love of Life Telethon and the Easter Seal Telethon. He also volunteered for many years at the Sturges Center for the Arts where he painted many of the backdrops for theatrical plays. Guido has also done wall murals for businesses and private homes all of over Southern California. Today Guido's artistic energy is released through his surreal and whimsical pencil, pen and ink drawings.
Megan Prosper Mixed Media - Born in Southern California, Megan grew up all over the world in the countries where her father served in the Air Force. Her art examines these different cultures and ways of life. "My art has always been inspired by my travels and the collections that I have acquired throughout my life," Megan states, "I hope my work transports the viewer to another time and place." In 2011, Megan graduated from Belhaven University with a BA in Art. She is now living and working in Riverside, California and is the owner of a new mural painting and art sales business called, Nomad Fine Art. meganprosper.com
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Artist Description
Leslee Adams Watercolor - As a professional chef and established artist, Leslee sees food through an artist’s eye. Her still lifes, florals, food and landscapes have vibrant color and texture rarely seen in Watercolors. She is known as The Watercolor Chef. Her Redlands citrus landscapes and California Missions are her most popular paintings to date. She uses Daniel Smith paints, Arches 300lb fine paper and black velvet brushes to achieve the rich color in my art. She exhibits her art in shows throughout CA, AZ, CO, NM and OR. She does custom commissions for her client’s walls. lesleeadams.com
Leah Balestieri Oil - Leah Balestieri found love for interior design and art when she was young, but it was not until years later she was able to focus on her art and develop her skill. Leah loves painting in oil because of its deep rich colors and their ability to sustain. Leah is most recognized by her painting commissioned by the Historic Landmark in Redlands, Kimberly Crest, where she painted the home and gardens to be seen on tours. She was also commissioned to paint Corona Montessori School. Leah paints portraits and colorful Still lifes into which she sometimes incorporates copper. She paints other local landscapes, including parks and orange groves. All can be seen throughout the Inland Empire. Leah says, “Each painting gives expression of emotion whether a mood or simply joy from the beauty of a special time or place.” Her hope is that this is conveyed to the viewer. She can be reached at Art by Leah Leahbalestieri.com or at Leahb36@verizon.net.
Erin Beardemphl Watercolor/acrylic - Erin Beardemphl is a mother, wife, clergy, and artist, and is thrilled to be a part of Art for Heaven's Sake! For this artist, creativity is an expression of and a means to meditation and discernment. Her goal is to combine the practices of skill and contemplation, hopefully touching those who see the results.
Shellise Berry Acrylic - In August of 2012 a classmate bought Shellise a book on intuitive painting with acrylics. She followed the steps and techniques and much to her surprise, she produced the painting "Fruit." Shellise believes the guidance she receive as she paints is from the Holy Spirit. Before each painting session, she prays that God’s will speak to her as she paints. Once I she has prayed, she waits for the Holy Spirit to tell me which color, brush, and technique to use. Color by color, brush stroke by brush stroke, she listen to God’s guidance. After many layers of paint a finished painting materializes. These paintings are never planned in advance, but are given to her by the leading of the Holy Spirit. A painting can take as little as two weeks with 15 - 20 layers of paint to several months with uncountable layers. http://berrysdivinedesigns.com/
Jane Ellis Watercolor - Jane Ellis began sketching in charcoal and pen and ink even as a very young child. She discovered her love for watercolor painting many years ago while pursuing careers in the medical arts. She is a licensed California dentist who loves to paint. “As I approach retirement, I would like say I’m a painter in my garden of life”. A former Redlands resident, she now lives in Cherry Valley with her husband Jack, cat Zoe and dogs Abby, Mowgli and Emma.
Muriel Dolemieux Acrylic -Muriel is a French permanent resident and has lived Redlands for seven years. Her life in Redlands has finally allowed her time to paint using her favorite medium, acrylic. She enjoys the luminosity and transparency she can get with acrylic and is passionate about the color. She feels art is a synthesis of her personal feelings. Colors and simplicity are her primary goals. Changing light and shade, and the moods and colors they create are the foundations of her painting. She especially enjoys painting seascapes, flowers and citrus. In 2008 and 2010, she received a first prize in Citrus theme at the “National Orange Show” in San Bernardino. Dolemieux states, “My painting is figurative. Nature inspires me and is my means of expression to translate emotions and feeling. Nature is beautiful, I don’t try to embellish or transform it. I just see it. Art sanctifies it." Her work can be seen at dolemieux.com
Julie Evans Oil/Watercolor/Pencil/Charcoal –“Although skilled in a variety of media, artist Julie R. Evans prefers to work in oils, painting realistic scenes that are little slices of life. Her main inspiration is the natural world and day-to-day life, and she is often struck by spontaneous observations that yield successful paintings.” [Press Enterprise, Daniel Foster and Jill Jones]. “Her works convey a quiet peacefulness. In her landscapes we may almost feel a slight rustle of the breeze across the grasses, but the scene gives us a feeling of calm and serenity, a place for quiet contemplation. Even her portraits capture a stillness and attention to detail that focus us in closely and quietly to the personality of the subject.” [Supra]. According to Evans, “For me there is nothing like being an artist, being able to seek and express whatever I find pleasing or amusing. I want to express beauty and joy! And truly, there is endless inspiration out there.”
Katia Hage Painting - Katia Aoun Hage lives in a world where everyone is welcomed, stories are heard, and voices find their places in the fabric of life. As an artist, her inner life has always guided her creative process by fueling it with dreams, spiritual longing, and a drive to experience being touched through family, friends, nature and places. When she’s not painting, you can find her writing poetry, playing and teaching music, and enjoying life with her husband and three sons. Her first chapbook “Echoes of War” was released in a dance performance of the same title choreographed by Sofia Carreras with Intersect Dance Group, a collaborative work born from a French song.
Jean Hall Oil - Born and raised in Southern California, Jean Hall’s early exposure to Mexican art and culture helped form her color sense. Her love of vibrant color comes from the vivid colors she saw on Olvera Street, at Cinco De Mayo festivals, and at neighborhood birthday parties. Her choice of subjects lends itself to exploring bright colors found in nature. Major influences on her art range from techniques found in photography and television commercials to techniques similar to artists like Frida Kahlo, Matisse, Jasper Johns and Caravaggio. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at California State College San Bernardino. Jean exhibits extensively in Southern California most recently at the Riverside Museum of Art, Redlands Downtown Artwalk, The Red Dirt Festival in Redlands, The National Orange Show, Queen Bean Café, Yucaipa Music and Art Festival. Jean is a featured artist at The Threshold Gallery in Redlands. She lives in Grand Terrace California. jeanspaintings.net
Antionette Hansen Silk Painting – Originally from Oakland, California, Antoinette grew up in the 60’s and 0’s. Though she was always artistic, raising a family and running multiple businesses left Antoinette with little time for art. Encouraged by a friend to take a Silk Painting class at Lake Tahoe, she was hooked and this type of art became her passion. Antionette has won multiple awards for her paintings in many different venues. She is available for demos, commissions and private or group classes.
Pomm Hepner Watercolor - Pomm has been an exhibiting artist for the past 30 years. Born in Los Angeles, Pomm was raised by her French mother and grandmother, both of whom were established artists in their own right. When Pomm moved to France to attend college, she fell in love with the Old World architecture, a passion she beautifully incorporates into her signature watercolor compositions. Post college, Pomm returned to America and studied with the internationally renowned artist Scoot Moore in Laguna Beach, CA, during which time she created and perfected a unique style using translucent watercolors applied in many layers, allowing her to create the powerful colors, light and shadows found in her signature European-feeling work. pommfineart.com
Joanna Mersereau Watercolor –Joanna Mersereau has a studio/gallery in Redlands, California. In 1969, she helped found the transparent watercolor society, Watercolor West, and is the only signature member in the Inland Empire of the prestigious American Watercolor Society. Her work appears in several local galleries: the Redlands Art Association, Riverside Art Museum, Chaffee Community Museum of Art. Riverside Community Art Association and in Na Bolom, Mexico. According to Joanna, “My newest art is what I call “dashilism”—my unique technique that uses dashes (in either vertical or horizontal lines) to reveal either a tapestry-like image or a traditional watercolor, depending on the viewing distance. Within five feet, a tapestry. At ten feet or more the dashes seemingly disappear, revealing a more traditional image.” Joanna Mersereau. Website: joannamersereau.com/ Mersereau’s art is available in Giclee prints, greeting cards or porcelain tiles.
Rebecca Noelle Oil - Born and raised in Southern California, Rebecca Noelle spent a happy childhood wandering in the San Bernardino Mountains. While touring as a professional ballroom and tango dancer, Rebecca often took time to sketch her surroundings. She taught herself to paint in oils at 16, working mostly on portraits of classic film stars. At age 30, Rebecca retired from dance to focus primarily on painting and illustration. Rebecca continues her drawing and painting studies with master teachers, taking workshops and participating in plein air competitions. As a mother of three daughters, she is often looking for whimsical ways to make her children laugh. Her sketches and stories of their adventures are becoming full-length children’s books. Rebecca published her first book in 2013: Dreams and Animals, a Phantasmagorical Coloring Book. Rebecca is a member of Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, California Art Club and San Diego Museum of Art Artists’ Guild.
Ginger Pena Varnished Watercolor - Ginger paints in watercolor on watercolor canvas or Aquabord, which she varnishes upon completion, so paintings are framed like oils, without mats and glass. Painting on surfaces other than traditional paper allows her more flexibility, not just in the framing, but also in the paint handling. This is perfect for the 'plein air' work she enjoys, which requires her to paint quickly to capture fleeting light effects on the local landscape. Ginger lives in Angelus Oaks, and enjoys painting mountains, local parks and the historic buildings of Redlands. She likes the challenge of figurative work, as well, and carries her sketchbook to the Redlands Bowl (and even into church!) so she can develop her skills at capturing people's expressions and gestures, and as a result, is becoming more confident in adding figures to her landscapes. gingerpena.com
Bonnie Rinier Watercolor/acrylic/pastel - Bonnie Rinier has experience in oil painting, acrylics, and watercolor with watercolor being her favorite. She currently teaches watercolor classes in Winchester, Ca. Animals are her favorite subject but she also paints landscapes and flowers. Thankful for the abundant beauty around us, her desire is to paint God’s creation with the abilities God has given her. You can find more examples of her work at her web site: bonnie-rinier.fineartamerica.com
Jeff Skelly Oil - “As a child, some of my most memorable experiences were on summer camping trips to the Sierras. The vast landscapes, towering peaks, and stunning beauty left lasting impressions. Over time I learned how to merge that love of Nature with my desire to create. With the use of bold brushwork and unique color harmonies, my paintings are not only faithful representations of places I’ve been but spiritual impressions as well.” Jeff graduated from Cal State Northridge in 1989 and continued his studies at the California Art Institute and UCLA. With over 20 years of experience and widely collected on 3 continents, Jeff continues to find expression in the beauty of the natural world. He has exhibited in the Palm Springs Desert Art Museum, the National Arts Club in New York, and other juried shows. Awards include the 1st place at Yosemite Renaissance XXVIII juried competition and the Superintendent’s Award at the Joshua Tree National Park Art Exhibition. jeffskellyart.com
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Artist Description
Larry Rose Photography - Trained in film base photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he received his BFA, Larry has made the transition to digital image making. Along with experience in editorial, commercial / advertising photography, he also has additional experience teaching at the University of Redlands, Johnston Center and Crafton Hills College. Currently, he is developing his personal work and continues to shoot commercial accounts. He is an award-winning photographer and has received a sweepstakes award from the Twin County press club, citations from the Associated Press and special recognition from the Arthritis Foundation for documentation of a special summer camp. He was also selected to participate in a special workshop with the late Eugene Smith at the University of California, Riverside.
John Smeby Digital Photography/Mxed Media - John Smeby's photographic images reflect a deep respect for and admiration of nature. "I believe nature is God's artwork, and my purpose is to capture its beauty." "I love the style of his work," explains Keith Vaughn, after visiting a gallery display of John's work. "It represents how images--like life--can have a depth and beauty without complexity." John holds a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Redlands (class of 1981). He recently retired from SBCUSD after 23 years in education, and now travels, works at Wild Coyote Art Gallery in Big Bear Lake, creates art and spends time with family. John donates a portion of all art sales to the Beloved Foundation, a cancer support non-profit, and recently completed his first hardcover art book, "fusionart", which combines photographic images with song lyrics.
Judith Sparhawk Photography - Redlands photographer Judith Sparhawk is well-known for her beautiful Redlands scenes, her intricate dimensional collages, and her unique eclectic photography. She has taken her art to new levels, working with photo art techniques to create interesting and beautiful special effects, including fantasy and surrealism. She is especially intrigued by color, line and pattern, which is reflected in her work. She has had her work accepted into juried exhibitions, and has won numerous awards in the last ten years. Her work hangs in many homes and businesses in the local area. She has published three books of her photographs, including a newest one celebrating the beauty and history of Redlands. She has had her photographs published in anthologies, calendars, and in national publications.
Steve Wormser Photography - Stephen Wormser has been a professional photographer based in Redlands for over 25 years. Stephen has a well-rounded background in photographing landscapes, people, architecture and products. His clients have included Mitsubishi Imaging and LeMond Bicycles to name a few. Stephen has photographed throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan. In addition he is known for teaching photography to beginners and to professional photographers.
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Artist Description
Annie Aldrich Ceramics - Annie creates one of a kind, functional ceramic art for home and garden. Her use of soft, cool colors and imprints from nature creates an earthy, elegant look reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts era. Annie studied art and ceramics at California State University, Chico. She currently lives in Big Bear Lake and exhibits at art festivals throughout California. Her work is also available at the Gamble House in Pasadena, the Phoenix Gallery in Big Sur and the Lodge Torrey Pines in La Jolla. Annie's collectable line of pottery is hand crafted from high fire stoneware and lead free glazes, and is intended to bring you a lifetime of joy! anniesgardenceramics.com
Kathleen Bryan Pottery - Kathleen has been making pottery for over a decade in both Southern California and Hawaii. Her wheel-thrown and hand-formed pieces are both functional and decorative, reflecting a love for the Desert Southwest and for the Garden Island of Kaua’i. Best known for her work in which random designs are burned onto a hot pot by applying horsehair, she also makes Raku and functional ware. Her passion for working in clay comes for its unlimited possibilities and the challenge of a genre that is sensual, exhilarating, playful and maddening – all at the same time.
Harvey Erdle Pottery - Harvey Erdle is an award winning artist who has been doing Southwest style pottery for about 20 years. Mr. Erdle has a BA in Art from Cal State Fullerton and worked as a production potter in Santa Ana for about ten years. Mr. Erdle also has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology which allows him to approach ceramics as a comfortable hobby. Mr. Erdle is the owner of a ranch in New Mexico which has provided inspiration for reproducing the wonderful style of pottery found there.
Lenny Larson Pottery/Ceramics - Lenny Larson is a master potter, and accomplished ceramic artist. Growing up in Laguna Beach, he was exposed to fine art at an early age. His love for fine craftsmanship came from his father a master carpenter. Lenny has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in ceramics from the Otis Art Institute. Upon graduation, Lenny worked as a production potter for various commercial potteries throughout Southern California and eventually became manager of a large ceramic lamp manufacturer. This led him to becoming the head of equipment sales for Laguna Clay Co. From there, he designed a line of gas fired kilns including an exceptional Raku kiln, and other superb front loading kilns. In addition, he designed other beautifully crafted ceramic equipment. Lenny is now devoting his time to developing his ceramic art, functional pottery and sculpture. He is teaching and holding workshops on his vast knowledge of the ceramic process.
Rich Lopez Clay - Rich is a native Californian who currently resides in Beaumont CA where he works in his studio creating clay art. The unique expression he communicates through his art takes on a soulful journey into Rich's artistic vision. Every day is different and so is his art. One can see a little of Rich's soul in each piece he creates. Rich started working with clay in 2002 and began selling his art in Palm Springs CA. Since then his art has been in many fine art galleries through the Western United States. Rich's unique ability to reproduce native baskets on the potter's wheel is truly amazing. Rich's creations include: Slab Work, Potter's Wheel, Sculpture, Sgraffito, and Custom High Relief Tiles.
Thomas Mogensen Ceramics - Thomas Mogensen, a physician and ceramics artist, lives in Yucaipa, California. He works from his own studio and with his mentor David Porras at his studio. Thomas loves clay because of its nearly endless potential for expression in form, surface design, and color. The smooth white texture and brilliance of porcelain lends itself to carving and etching/sgraffito to make it his favorite. His love for nature is depicted in his carved pieces featuring landscape scenery with trees and mountains as a recurring motif. In addition, some pottery features city skyline silhouettes. Though Thomas considers himself to be a fine-artist, he likes to make functional work that can be appreciated as art. He finds that ceramic pieces combine well with media such as glass and stone and combines these in some of his pieces including his dinosaur wall series. Creating ceramic pieces that relate to the purchaser is his goal and Thomas is thankful that God has given us the ability to create and to enjoy the things we create.
David Porras Pottery - Dave concentrates on functional, hand thrown pottery using porcelain clay. His shapes are unique interpretations of functional ware. Dave has been influenced by his first college professor, Robert Karlinsey of Loyola University and by Tom Coleman, a nationally recognized ceramic artist known for his functional work and three dimensional art pieces. Dave’s “education” continued as a production potter in a factory throwing eight hours a day. He also worked as a studio potter in Playa Del Rey, California. Dave has been a practicing attorney for twenty years but has retained his love for ceramics. He proudly proclaims that Monday through Friday he is an attorney and Saturday and Sunday he is a potter. Dave enjoys demonstrating throwing on the wheel. davidporraspottery.com
Dee Dee Seek Ceramics - Coming from a background of study in fine arts, both in high school and at Chapman University, no matter what direction Dee Dee’s career took, there was always an underlying theme based on her art background which evolved from cosmetic application to human structure. After retirement from a career in retail and funeral service, she realized that her passion was with hand building ceramics, as it was in her college days. Now, with the time to develop her passion, she has discovered that her creativity is only limited by the number of hours in the day. She has attended Art, for Heaven's Sake for many years, with a future goal of one day, being able to participate. This, her first year of involvement, as an artist, is very special and exciting. Her functional but creative use of form though high-fire clay and color will be featured at the show.
Dean Stayner Pottery - Dean’s utilitarian stoneware pots are thrown on the wheel and born of grace. He strives for work that is quiet, unassuming, simple, pure and affordable for all. Dean’s pots are inspired by Japanese and Korean folk craft with a touch of the Southwest. His hope is that when someone takes one of his pots home that they will find peace and happiness every time they use it! Dean began building pots ten years ago in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He currently builds pots at his Earth Pottery studio in Beaumont, California and fires pots at Silica Studios in Palm Springs.
Marijke Terwisscha Ceramics - Marijke was born in the Netherlands, where she attended art school studying painting, drawing and textile techniques. After moving to Florida, in 1993, she took up pottery and has been hooked ever since. Marijke enjoys using clay to express herself as well as to profess her love for nature, particularly birds and flowers. Marijke has been a participant at Art for Heaven’s Sake for multiple years. She makes ceramic tiles and garden sculptures. She recently took an 18 month sabbatical and is excited to show her newest work, including totem poles and multi-media sculptures, she made in collaboration with her husband. Her love for color and design displays in her work which she creates in her own studio here in Redlands.
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