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This Year's Featured Artist - Ada Marini Schneider


According to Aïda Marini Schneider, "Regardless of the subject matter, art is autobiographical.” Born and raised in Iraq and a U.S. resident for many years, Schneider has built her national reputation by using bold colors and highly emotional subject matter. Schneider is represented at several nationally known galleries, including Robert Allen Fine Art in Sausalito, The Desert Art Collection in Palm Desert Fine Art Santa Barbara and Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Az.

Using oil sticks, Schneider paints on hard panel and canvas which gives her the freedom of painting “big” which she loves to do. In addition, the oil sticks dry hard which means she does not have to protect her paintings with glass.

Though she states that anything and everything might inspire her, she also explains, “ The allusions and commentary in my work relate to present-day culture and its rapid changes. At the same time, the symbols I employ hearken to my growing up in an ancient land. Arabic calligraphy and the earliest alphabets from which it sprang fascinate and supply me with a rich iconography. Sometimes these initial calligraphic marks are painted over partially or completely. But they are there."

Her website, aidaschneider.com, offers a look at Schneider's work and thoughts about her approach.

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